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Nicholas Burgess is a musician and artist in Boston, creating music that blends crunchy guitars with buzzy synths. For over a decade, he has released a series of solo albums and EPs that range from catchy rock to spacey electronica. He has also recorded and performed with the band Hex Map, produced albums and for other artists, and contributed music and themes for various podcasts and video series. “...unique, honest, adult, and simultaneously real and surreal”.* In 2018, Burgess released Xmas Gold, his first holiday album, and his first solo album to focus heavily on electronic elements.

2019’s Hot Snow & The Allstonia Allstonium Caveman Fuzz Fandango was a guitar-heavy rock album, but 2020 and 2021 saw the release of Electric Brain Electric Silence and the remix album Phantom Pear Sleeping Skull, which further explored synthetic, electronic sounds. “ Une belle construction et des moments surprenants… pour un plaisir qui se renouvelle au fil des écoutes.”** In November 2021, Burgess will release The Diamond Door, a synth-heavy rock EP that revisits the sound of some of his earlier albums. It will be available on CD, cassette, and digital download. * *