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I´am a musician from Tampere, Finland. I have been doing music ever since I first took guitar in my hands, at the age of twelve. I have been playing guitar for several bands thru out the years, currently rocking six strings in a band called Dirty Thieves (a killer group, definitely worth checking out). My solo career is relatively new, just started in 2018. I wanted to do my own music, with my own voice. Open my thoughts and tell my stories. I write my own songs by myself and they intend to come out very personal. Im bad at making up stories so pretty much every of my song have some connection to my life. As style wise i guess my music is sailing around rock, sometimes more acoustic, sometimes more distorted. I hope you enjoy what you are hearing. Feel free to follow me on any social media platform that I'm in or hit me with your thoughts. Love | Passion | Music.