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Trulyors (CA) is a concept based on diverse musical experience, the sounds are influenced by contrasts of love and the darker sides of emotions. Romantic though it may be the beginning of every journey, is where the truth to one's self is accomplished, within the journey itself. The sounds that are captured and produced at first were all from using software on a computer and slowly became a complete migration to an all hardware-based setup of various synthesizers/samplers. The main instrument used at the center of the Trulyors live setup and complete production utility is none other than the Deluge by Synthstrom Audible. This piece of gear in and of itself has changed and paved the way for what Trulyors is all about within the grasp of electronic music in general. The most important mission for the music behind Trulyors is the idea to let whoever it is listening to the music feel the need to dance and groove whether they are feeling happy or sad, these are the shades that we always feel and the sounds that can always appeal to us. Label: Contrapol Records Booking: