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Since the age of 4 I have been thinking about only one thing: music music music... The first book I learned to read was a book of music theory, although of course I didn't understand anything about it. Then at the age of 8 I started studying piano, at 13 I had my first synthesizer and I realized that I loved sound manipulation. So after my classical studies I graduated as a sound engineer and started my career as a foh man, and in recording studios. I love this job, but it devoured my time and ripped me out of music for many years. With the pandemic everything got stuck, but not my desire to make music. I realized I wanted a new life. Now I make music for movies and video games, and the years as a producer I have been very helpful, I can take care of the entire creative process, from composition to mastering. I like to be master of my music and sound. However, cinema and video games force me to fast-paced. So I found refuge in lofi music, and in its wonderful and collaborative community. What began as a time to make music in relaxation, soon turned into a network of new friendships and honest collaborations. That's also why I love making lofi music.