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"Music is the strongest form of magic, calling us to the spiritual - and the sensual." - Brian Asha Brian Asha is a recording artist, DJ and producer now based in Vancouver, Canada. His newest recordings feature sounds in electronic dance music and retro pop; delivered with his unique, intimate vocal style. Brian grew up in East Africa and the UK. He was part of Toronto's alternative music scene on Queen Street West in the 1980's. He formed King Culture with Donovan Black, who played drums for UK reggae stars Twinkle Brothers and later Toronto's Messenjah. King Culture fused rock, electronic dance music and reggae, forging a new, international sound. In the 90's, he helped pioneer Canada’s underground rave scene in Toronto and Montreal with House of Euphoria, a DJ cooperative, fusing sexy performance art and electronic dance music. Since the mid 1990's, Brian has worked extensively in online media. He is a Canadian internet pioneer. Brian Asha continues to release new music, partnering in recent years with Karl Mohr of Tape Life Records and Multibeat Studios in Toronto. His newest recordings feature sounds in electronica, dance music and retro pop and are available on multiple platforms around the world