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Levin Deger (21.03.1985) is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & music producer from Zurich, Switzerland. He completed his pop master's degree at the Zurich Music Academy and previously studied jazz at the MA Basel. 2009 he lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco for a year where he refined his songwriting. He has performed with Whitney Houston's long-terme pianist Wayne Linsey, among others. He also met Grammy Award winner Ruslan Sirota, who plays piano on Levin's album "Between The Lights". In addition to his vocal studies at the L.A.-Music Academy, Levin gained valuable studio experience in Hollywood and participated in various productions. In June 2015, the Swiss national Radio SRF 3 awarded him with the "Best Talent" award - shortly after Levin had launched his new album "All In" at Volkshaus Zurich. In autumn 2016 Levin appeared as an artist at the SEAT Music Session, together with german singer Johannes Oerding (De) and other international artists. In 2019 Levin was awarded with the Prix Walo, together with the crew of Theater Rigiblick Zurich for their "The Beatles Tribute" Production of "The White Album". Since 2010, Levin is present on Swiss Radio with several albums and singles. He also writes and produces for other artists.