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New Single "IYC" OUT NOWThe Struggle between having some kind of revenge thoughts towards people, who hurt you and the wish to let go is continuously there, when we experience loss in relationships. The Song is ment as a very personal expression of what forgiveness can do for yourself. It might be the most important way to find yourself again. This song means a lot to us, because of our personal experiences with loss in relationships, even with loss through death. This Song was written, produced and mixed by WHY-Y. WHY-Y combines electronic and analog sounds with characteristic songwriting to create a clear as well as warm picture. Being intimate and fierce. At the same time. now and then. drifting off to be sucked in. Their Debut EP ‚be.cause‘ was released in November.2019 and zooms out lyrically: from the individual to a broader, socially relevant perspective: to be cause. to celebrate, question and dance. to (self)criticism as well as potential. WHY-Y are an Austrian electronic.Pop band formed in Linz in February 2019. The core band consists of Mathias Eidenberger (composition, producing & e-guitar), Nadja Bodlak (lyrics, composition & vocals) and Tobias Wöhrer (composition, producing & e-bass). However, for live concerts the band is extended by 2-5 additional musicians (keys, drums, backing vocals).