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New York-based dark rock mavens Vajra originate and radiate outward from the sensual and multi-range vocals of composer and visionary Annamaria Pinna.

Pinna’s complex puzzle of lyrics, music, and themes are always in constant kaleidoscopic motion. “The influences are varied,” affirms Pinna. “I lived in India, Italy, NOLA, San Francisco, NYC and Upstate NY. My dad was a monk before he met my mom. I'm a yogi and meditation person, and I have this condition called Synesthesia, which affects how I process music.” The long silence between debut self-produced cult album Pleroma (2012) and the group’s inspiring and mind-bending new EP, Irkalla – both featuring powerhouse session drummer and long-time friend, Blake Fleming (ex-The Mars Volta) - was the product of a rigorous touring schedule and a complex confluence of unexpected life events that paused vocalist / visionary Annamaria Pinna’s prolific (and profound) songwriting output. Pinna and bandmates Dave Sussman, formerly of industrial metal pioneers Bile (bass), Al Javier (guitar), and Jimmy DeMarco (drums/percussion) conjure music from a diverse panoply of threads. Produced by New York native Daniel ‘Sahaj’ Ticotin (Ra, Mötley Crüe), Pinna suggests “perhaps the music and lyrics of Irkalla reflect an esoteric space to explore the dark night of our souls.” “Must-See Act” -Rolling Stone “It’s time to get to know Vajra” - Loudwire