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Dear Listeners of Mighty One Man Band, Thank you for enjoying my music on Spotify. I want to let you know that I need all your support in order to keep doing what I do as the Mighty One Man Band and to keep creating the best music for you and for the world. During these unprecedented times, please consider to send me tips through my Artist Fundraising Pick here on the top of my profile, or visit the following link: https://paypal.me/mighty1manband A tip can be as little as $1 or it can be as much as you want. Feel free to write me a message or to include your contact info along with it (I myself will personally thank you for sending me the tip) Alternatively, you can also support me by buying my Digital Album on my website, and by doing so you will also get Exclusive Bonus Features not available anywhere else. Plus, 30% of the sales profit will also go to charity foundations. For more info, just visit this link: https://mightyonemanband.com Rock On and Namaste.