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Committed to creativity, the artistic project Altera Inde (duo Diego Carretero and Sara Zazo) digs deep into the contemporary music scene. By collaborating with composers and commissioning new pieces of work, Altera Inde aims to expand the repertoire of the saxophone duo and highlight the artistic expressions of our time. For five years, Diego Carretero and Sara Zazo were the two parts of CexSaxo Duo, an artistic ensemble that also had a strong pedagogical objective. Between the years 2013 and 2017, the duo premiered almost twenty new pieces by composers G. Navarro, S. Movio, I. Badalo, D. Sprintz, among others, and played in different concert halls in France, Spain, England and Switzerland. In 2019, under a new artistic identity that is Altera Inde, Diego and Sara release their first studio album: Hiraeth, and start to lead to a new path with the objective of showcasing and experiencing music together with theater, electronics and video. We welcome Altera Inde!