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Proving there are no lines drawn in the sand, Charlotte based experimental rock group, Killakoi pushes boundaries that are yet to be seen. 
 Combining years of friendship and their passion for music, Jordan Mattacchione, Sam Ocheltree, Robbie Reimer, Ethan Gibbons and Kelly Flusk have set their sights on changing the way audience members perceive the stereotypical rock show. 
 Still on their own path, Killakoi teaches the youth about musicianship and life in bands as they have in years past(with the help of their very own music school). However, being mentors for the next generation of musicians has not hindered the creative process for the band. 
 Killakoi introduces to us "The Kage" (a multi purpose instrument fashioned and innovated by the band) which allows them to experiment with new age technology and programs at a live show. This leap into the digital realm mixed in with hard hitting riffs and melodic vocals are sure to invoke thoughts on the future of music. 
 Killakoi is in the process of making a FULL LENGTH RECORD, Including "Wasted" and "Better Off Dead". More details coming soon.