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Mélisande [électrotrad] offers an energetic blend of traditional music, pop and electro with a mix of acoustic and electric instruments, vocal harmonies and programming. Formed by Mélisande and her husband Alexandre ‘Moulin’ de Grosbois-Garand, the duo offers a fresh artistic proposal to the folk-world-trad music scene. Its fourth album Flash de mémoire presents a mix of traditional classics as well as covers from famous Québec artists (Paul Piché, Groovy Ardvaark, Les Cowboys Fringants, Mes Aïeux and Robert Charlebois/Gilles Vigneault). Greatly acknowledged by the critics here and abroad, the duo won a Canadian Folk Music Award and two Independent Music Award as well a being nominated at several other awards. The band performed over 250 concerts in Canada, the United States, France, Spain and Australia.