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Silk Satin Suede, aka Max Duncan, is a New Zealand based artist aiming to balance the Beauty with the Darkness in the mediums of music, theatre, film, fashion, poetry, and curation; fusing them together in his emotive avant-garde style. Silk Satin Suede has harboured brilliant artists over the past couple years, such as composer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Denison, film director, James Grimley, and dancer, Tessa Brown. In 2018, author Michael Munro described his performance art show ‘Curtains of a Candle’ as “A fantastic piece of creative work of Russian type depth, which philosophically dramatises the one compelling aspect of our entire existence - our relationship with Death.” In 2020, his music video for the single ‘HER’ from his debut EP was awarded ‘Best Music Video’ at the Liverpool Film Festival. Currently, Silk is the frontman and vocalist for live looping duo, Genre Fluid. The other half to this dynamic group is multi-instrumentalist, Bosho. They have become a popular presence for their theatrical stage shows across New Zealand, which has seen them open for Bic Runga at Summer Sounds Music Festival, and Mako Road and Albi & The Wolves at Room Twenty5. For booking enquiries or collaborations, please contact