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Hola! Willkommen! Aloha and Hello! Who is wise and young at the same time? We are! Wise & Young is a band straight out of the heart of Europe. And in that heart a furious beat sounds. Passionate rhythms, divine rhymes, couple with electro DJ beats to form a synchronicity of sound that connects with today’s world-wise youth. Independently, Wise & Young members have performed around the world. Each a gifted artist on their own. Now, they come together to each bring their own expertise to this exciting new band. Arnaud started the project in 2016. He is an experienced Jazz musician who plays bass, piano and guitar. Calvin, a brilliant drummer and pianist joined the project a bit later. He is also a demanded DJ. Additionally, Julia (vocals) and Kevin (DJ & producer), both talented artists, recently joined the newly born project. As you can see, we are a young band but we already have experience on the stage and in the studio. Arnaud toured as jazz musician all over the world. Calvin worked as drummer all around Europe. Kevin worked as DJ & Producer in places like Ibiza and Miami. Julia gives the productions of Wise & Young a great touch with her lyrics and her amazing voice. In hopes to work with other musicians, Wise & Young tours around the globe. From Switzerland to Kazakhstan to USA, nowhere is too far to go to spread the song of the Wise & Young. Every day we get wiser, but together, we’ll stay young forever.