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TITANIA "Queen of the Faeries" an independent singer, song-writer, producer, mixing engineer. Before her project TITANIA she released music under the artist moniker Paris Snow becoming well known for her unique lofi pop approach to music and collaborating with other producers over the internet such as The Girl Next Door, Rewind, Skinny Atlas, 90sFlav and many more; however, she has pivoted to the artist name TITANIA to create a whole new world for her audience no longer limiting herself to only lofi pop music. Under the moniker Paris Snow she is currently sitting at 25k monthly and 14k under her first project Dio Spirit. She has amassed well over 2 million total streams between projects. She has also recorded for artists such as Powfu in the song a world of chaos (feat. Rxseboy, Jomie & Ivri) which is currently sitting around 9 million streams.