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My name is Benjamin Theodore, a singer-songwriter from Holland. A song is like a puzzle to me, every piece has to fit in exactly with the other pieces. That’s why I approach my music in a holistic way: I want every musical element to sound exactly like I hear it in my head. I love spending hours and hours in the studio recording and producing everything myself until I’ve created my own sound - until you hear the true me. In 2019 I’m releasing 12 singles, 4 EP’s and 20 songs in total. ‘The Art Of Escaping vol. 1-4’ is a collection of songs which I’ve written in the past 10 years. These songs were my escape when growing up as a young adult. I tell stories about dealing with anxiety and depression, but mostly my message is an optimistic one. It’s my mission to make the world a better place trough telling stories.

Musically I'm influenced by artists like Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Keith Urban and Ed Sheeran. I'm influenced by a lot of different music though, listen for yourself and discover it! I’m looking forward to sharing my songs with you. Join me on my adventure and follow me on Spotify!