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The experimental musick collective FKA Terroritmo, now under the name Wakinyan, comes back with a new album "Spirit Walker", released by the historical HauRuck! label. With their classic paraphernalia: metal pipes and sheets, anvils, oil bins, frame drums, drones, loops, floor drums, custom percussions, bells and now even a cello and a flute entering the flow of musical and noise layers, Wakinyan enacts a modern pagan ritual for these weird post-industrial times. Manifesting all the ceremonial walk done over the last years, each track invites the listener to a journey, cuddling and shaking, pulsing and expanding, creating and destroying. The serpent eating its tail, is the path of our Spirit through our lives, from the beginning of time. Till the very infinite end. --- Stay in touch! https://wakinyan.net/connected