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Before her major label signing, Paula was pounding the pavement, creating opportunities for herself. Cold calling A&R executives, to taking label meetings to get signed, she learned about the players behind the scenes. A mainstay throughout the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. region with a penchant for penning the lyrics to her songs, Paula independently released the single “How Does It Feel” and the buzz generated led to the Billboard charting regional release of her independent LP, "Who Got Next." When introduced to the executives at Sony the ink couldn't dry fast enough. Paula Campbell is very clear on her purpose. "If God allowed me to see a mere glimpse of my dreams, I know the rest is right over the next mountain." She gained the respect of platinum pen Ne-Yo who adds "I loved Paula's vibe the moment I met her. She didn't try to be real or strong, she just was. Like the voice of every woman, confident and insecure, vulnerable and guarded, kind and at times not nice at all. She's just Paula and she knows that that's enough." The reintroduction of R&B/HipHop/Soul singer Paula Campbell is long over due! And this gorgeous, street-smart song stylist has a story to tell. Now showing off her beautiful vocals, the unique sugary sound "gritty but sweet," she speaks to the heart of every woman and girl. Good Without You is the no nonsense "telling it like it is" round-the-way girls anthem to moving on. Paula says “ know how to handle and value others, but how to first value yourself."