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The path was clear for Jay-P Jackson Jr. from the start. His interest in band led him to Delaware State University where his marching band skills led him to play in not only a beloved Disney parade, but at the 2008 Presidential Inauguration Parade. Not every emcee rapping today has that on their resume. Alas, Jay-P Jackson does and also on that are his 2019 debut Single called “My Ex Girl” The XAddiction,’ Inspired by Jay Z, Beyoncé, Mj & Rihanna’s music and business minds, Jay-P Jackson Jr. wants his career to follow the same trajectory. He not only wants to create music that sustains audiences for years to come and in that regard is timeless, but also wants to build a name for himself in the industry. So far so good as the solo emcee who can play almost a dozen percussion instruments has released two records, an EP & LP in 2019, filled with music that is both inspiring and exciting. He notes, “When I sing it’s from a pure part of me.” Audiences can hear that pureness throughout his music from his debut Projects, ‘The X Addiction”songs such as “My X Girl,” “Throw That” & “Good Loving.” All of which are inspired by a night out with friends, taking over the club, and just celebrating the good things in life that we too often take for granted on a day to day basis. At the end of the day, Jay-P Jackson Jr. is delivering music that audiences across the board can just let loose to. Which in today’s climate, is what’s needed.