Red Tan


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    Don't You Dare!
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    Be There for You
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    Don't Let Go!
After finding her soul-mate, getting married, and losing him so early on, the roller coaster of emotions sent Red into intense bouts of depression and anxiety as she struggled to come to terms with it all.
Like no amount of good in the future could somehow offset the sadness of the past…and when the world seemed like it was crushing her, it was music that saved Red.
She realized that the best way to honor her husband was to pursue the dreams they shared together – and so she did, at full-force, with all the commitment & dedication required.
After winning Bronze medals at The World Championships of Performing Arts in LA, Red knew she can jump start her career in the international level and packed up her belongings for a complete reset. She moved to London in 2018 with the intentions of making a life for herself in the musical-theatre community before becoming a Grand Finalist of Open Mic UK and being discovered by the show producer himself, Chris Grayston, who guided her towards a complete change of style & direction and into the world of Electro/Pop.
As Red Tan rebuilt herself from the ground up, most importantly, she recognized that her experience in life, love, and loss, gave her the unique ability to sincerely connect to music & listeners on a whole new level. Summoning the courage to write about all she’s been through without pulling punches, Red poured her heart & soul into her lyrics and vocals, and proved that something beautiful can be born from tragedy.


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