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Singer Luna Zegers graduated as the first non-Spanish student in the history of flamenco singing at the ESMUC conservatory in Barcelona, after graduating with honours in jazz singing at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. 'Entre Dos Mundos' tells about her life between Spain and the Netherlands, flamenco and jazz, and life and death. "On Entre Dos Mundos, for which she wrote both lyrics and compositions, passion flows abundantly. She gets all the space to color her worldview, sung with great lust for life. She clearly dominates all facets of flamenco singing, which splashes off in the last couple of tracks that constantly sizzle and strike with lightning." A heartbreaking story is hidden behind Luna's love for flamenco. As a young woman she lost her father, sister and mother. Only when she became acquainted with Spanish flamenco music, she found a way to express her great sorrow. She wrote SOLO, about sadness and mourning and the solace of flamenco. "Luna Zegers has written a very impressive book about her life full of sorrow. Her writing style is exceptionally smooth and clear, which makes the reader feel directly involved in the events from the outset. Solo is a penetrating book that sometimes subtly, sometimes raw and always nuanced shows how difficult life can be. It deserves five glittering stars, it is of the outer category and almost mandatory reading." 'Cauce de Lágrimas' is her reflection on the 2017 Barcelona terrorist attack, which she witnessed from a short distance.