Breaky Boxes


  1. 1.
    Elder Ones
  2. 2.
    Hard Times
  3. 3.
    Broken Days
  4. 4.
    Meeting in the Dark
  5. 5.
Mandoline, Banjo, Guitares, Keyboard … Many instruments that the three members of Breaky Boxes love to love play among their voices.
Always looking for renewal, they blow a wind of modernity to the folk music, speaking to the most.
The members of Breaky Boxes have been connected for years now through a real brotherhood born out of their everlasting passion for music. Jean François Moortgat, Brice Sibille & Valentin Queval go on together on a daily basis since 2017, in both the good and the bad moments. Among the best, the release of their first auto produced EP « From the Shelter » on February 28th 2018. One year later comes the release of the second EP, « Arcade Session ». This one, made out of a unique concept, has been fully recorded live and in one take.
It is by following this direction that Breaky Boxes keeps on carry on. 2020 will surely be the most remarkable year for the band. Indeed it is the year that their debut album, « Resting Wall », will be released, which will end two years of hard work. 12 songs mixing euphoria and melancholy, beginnings or ends of relationships, always questioning the emotions and feelings. Based on their own lives, this last piece of work is raw and introspective. With their folk melodies tinted of pop music, the band speaks with its heart, and speaks to a vast majority.
Just like the western Great Plains and the infinite lakes, Breaky Boxes will always be your guide and will make sure that the trip will always be worth something.


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