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Beth George is establishing herself as a progressive force in the next wave of Gen Z voices. Beth delves into the depths of

sound to voice her own personal experiences to unpack the millennial diary, providing a musical narrative for a disenchanted generation. She combines artistry with powerful internal messages of owning individuality and encouraging inclusivity. Since writing her first song aged 12, she has been carefully nurturing her artistry and evolving as a songwriter that naturally transcends the bounds of the Alt Pop world. Beth melds her skill as a classical pianist with haunting, delicate production, entrancing vocals and infectious hooks. Over the years she has collaborated with an eclectic range of producers and writers covering a myriad of genres to grow as an artist and construct her sonic identity. Beth’s unique sound caught the ears of BBC Introducing and her track “Haywire” was featured, launching her career as a bonafide artist. A year of writing in isolation marks Beth’s return to her acoustic songwriter roots beginning to produce an honest sound that came most naturally to her. Retracing to her early influences of Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones, Beth wears her vulnerability with pride, preserving a precious space where her timeless and emotionally fused sound percolates straight from the soul. She returns with her new single ‘Sour’ to be released with Mahogany Music, bringing an impactful pop ballad to the table.