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💚creating my dreams in music 💚 Brooks is set to release his fifth mixtape “Garden” on August 21, 2020. The drop will begin a series of weekly releases, featuring a new animation for each new song. Brooks’ blend of funk, electronic and r&b, are reminiscent of the likes of Jai Paul, D’Angelo, and Shuggie Otis. Brooks credits his sound to the brackish waters and artistic microcosm of growing up in Baltimore. Vacillating between jam sessions with P-Funk musicians and performing at DIY spaces, Brooks honed his skills playing guitar and keyboards, eventually sketching out song ideas and recording with longtime friends The Visions. Moving to Brooklyn, Brooks has performed and collaborated with artists like Jitwam, Huck, and Marie Lang. His music has been featured on OkayPlayer and Spotify’s Fresh Finds.