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Georgia Barbershop is a 60's indie punk and garage band from Köping. "The best thing to hit these shores since christianity" according to the canadian record label Magnificent Sevens. The simple loops and childlike enthusiasm along with the peculiar British prosody is an unbeatable combination, and Georgia Barbershop manages to pinpoint all the features. The dirty garage punk on the debut album "It´s Alright, It´s Okay, It Only Took Seven Years" (2012), featuring smash hit "Trees Passing", was truthfully released seven years after the band's current setting was formed around 2005. After a number of praised underground recordings that were never released, the band finally recorded their debut EP in Gothenburg in the fall of 2009. Unfortunately, this material was never released due to conflicts over the mix. This led to the band themselves recording their debut album in a house on Österlen in southern Sweden. This is why the album has its famous lo fi sound. On the subsequent hit single "Blast Oyster" (2014), the band took a few steps away from the wild lo-fi and sixties punk that they became known for and invested more in pure rock'n'roll. The result was brilliant: "Borough in Twenty" (2016), the band's second full-length album, is lively garage rock at its best. After a few years of silence, the release "Greetings From The Past" (2019) suddenly exploded, containing 13 songs with both diamond original recordings and unreleased material from the band's early years.