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NINOS DU BRASIL - BIOGRAPHY Ninos Du Brasil is a project whose origins and background have remained shrouded in mystery. Dedicated to a bold and unlikely mixture of noise, batucada, samba and electronic, their sporadic live appearances have already become legendary and mythological. Be it a punk squat in Belgium or the famous Venice Biennale of Architecture, Ninos Du Brasil, without fail, rally the troops, from every walk of life, and create some of the biggest festival style parties on the dance floor. For those fortunate enough to have witnessed Ninos Du Brasil live, their stories comprise of otherworldly experiences. NDB’s condensed yet intense set is a fervent intermixture of old school techno, stadium spirit choruses, Carnival style parade celebrations unified with the physical intensity of old school hardcore shows. Since their debut album, 'NDB’ is a declared war against the stupidity and superficiality of pop music as well as the current reticence and behavioural inhibition of the dance halls and public venues . The tracks on the albums are weapons of percussion consisting of cuica, congas, bells, jambe, rollers, plates, claves, maracas, whistles, bells and animal calls — married with non-traditional instruments: bottles, cans, pieces of wood and undefined rubbish. The goal: to encourage the public to discover and embrace a sexual and instinctual approach to rhythm and existence . NDB is ignorant but not stupid, visionary, risky, improper and excessive.