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Los Angeles' Phases are a four-member outfit who make melodic, dance-oriented, '80s new wave-influenced indie pop. Originally, the group came together in late 2008 as a side project called JJAMZ, featuring the Like vocalist Z. Berg, Phantom Planet vocalist Alex Greenwald, Rilo Kiley and Bright Eyes drummer Jason Boesel, and Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine. They released a debut album, 2012's Suicide Pact, on Dangerbird Recordings. However, as several of the members' main bands broke up, JJAMZ developed into a full-time project and Valentine eventually announced he had left the band to focus on Maroon 5. In 2015, JJAMZ renamed themselves Phases and released the singles "I'm in Love with My Life," "Betty Blue," and "Cooler" on Warner Bros. Debut album, For Life, followed later in the year. ~ Matt Collar, Rovi