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Chandler Stephens was born with the love of music in her soul. At a very young age she began singing in church, and her love for music only expanded and blossomed from there. Her musical influences come from a wide range of genres including pop, rock, and Motown, but she felt the biggest connection to the country music genre. A native of Lake Mary, Florida, her family of four consisting of her parents and her brother soon multiplied into a family of 18 as they added 14 adopted siblings over the years. Her family was unconventional in its makeup yet perfectly full of love and diversity which gave Chandler a broad world view. “I grew up understanding and knowing we are all human beings deserving of love and kindness and equality. I learned quickly that hate is taught but so is love. I love every minute of my life growing up in such a big family with so many different personalities and qualities. It is definitely something I draw from for my songwriting and a firm platform for my life.” Deciding that music was her only path in life, she left Florida and her 15 siblings behind to chase her dreams in Nashville where she continued her songwriting and performing. , Chandler has had success with songs like “Can’t Stop Love,” a duet with Kane Brown and “This Is My Life” both of which she co-wrote. Chandler Stephens, with her soothing, vulnerable, yet powerfully poignant vocal, is redefining her artistic path in the country music world.