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Every pressure contained one day explodes ... This is the concept adopted by the Kingdom Stone band in its current phase, which can be easily felt and internalized by its incisive and disturbing lyrics that impel their listeners to reflect on their own life and reality as they give vent to all their revolt and contained indignation in a catharsis motivated by the fusion between hard rock and grunge, main influences of the band. Words of motivation, appeasement and comfort are abundant these days , in literature, entertainment and music, offering solace to this society plunged in deception, indignation and loneliness. But what about those people who no longer want to conform, to accept or to live with what they seek? How to give vent to all this sea of ​​repressed feelings without a valve of escape? During the last eight years of Kingdom Stone activity, founded by veteran vocalist Snake and young and talented Gabriel Morais, this need for catharsis has grown as much as any society. During this period, as a cover band of Whitesnake and Guns n Roses, there was little or no space to express what they thought and all this accumulated energy exploded through their authorial work, which premiered the visceral "When I Close My Eyes" and today it counts on the presence of the drummer Murdock (Juninho Recco), continued in hits of high emotional and social impact like "Shine Outside" and "Chained".