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Dave Deporis was a prolific and unique American singer-songwriter primarily active in New York and California, Taking inspiration from classical, folk and traditional world music, lyrically intensive singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, alternative, grunge and post-punk artists of the late 1980s and early 90s, Dave sought to make music which was both refined and fiercely non-elitist. Despite continuously writing, recording and performing for nearly 20 years, playing alongside many other well known and highly respected musicians, Dave never formally released an album during his lifetime. In August of 2017, Dave was working outside a cafe in Oakland when a petty thief grabbed his laptop containing many of his unreleased recordings. Dave pursued the thief and was struck down by the getaway vehicle as they fled the scene. Since his passing, most of his large body of work has been gathered (including backups of much originally feared lost in the theft) and an ongoing project is underway to preserve and release it over time. This effort has been greatly fueled by Dave's friends, who have not only raised funds, offered material and information but have contributed their time & talents to help bring this project to fruition and see that Dave's music lives on. For The Birds and Children marks the first official release of Dave’s work. Comprised primarily of home recordings made between 2005-2008,

it contains several of his best known songs from the time period.