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Mike was born in Munich (Germany) in the year in which the Rolling Stones were established and Marilyn Monroe died. Both, especially Keith Richards indirectly influenced his musical style. "Yes, definitely It´s only Rock'n'Roll, but I like it!". Mike connects not only the same zodiac sign with Marilyn Monroe, but also as the first two letters of the first and last name: "MM". At the age of seven, Mike got his first acoustic guitar. He learned to play the guitar by jamming to the songs from his favorite records. Stuff like "Honky Tonk Woman", "Brown Sugar", "Jumping Jack Flash", "Smoke On The Water", "This Flight Tonight"... At the age of twelve Mike already travelled through the country with his first band. In 1981, he started to record his ideas on a 4-track tape recorder (TEAC/TASCAM Portastudio Model 144). In 1983 he recorded his first vinyl-record, named "Who Killed Al Capone" at the "Bear Recording Studio" in Nuremberg. In 1985, Mike recorded another 32 songs at the "Glasshouse Studio" in Munich. These songs can be found on the albums "Bloodless", "Don´t Wanna Change Place With Nobody" and "Intrigues". In 1987, he recorded the "Baghdad Beat" Album in his own home recording studio. It was revised and remastered in 2017. In 1988, Mike produced and recorded the EP of the rock formation "Shulk - Taste Delight". In 1998, he released the EP "U NEED Me". Mike is currently working on a new album called "Newborn" that will be released in 2021. Check out: www.mikemurena.com