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Gospels for the lost, anchors for the drifters. Downers & Milk are a 7-piece collective from Vienna with singer-songwriters Maxím Eczyk and Michael Varga at its core. Ignoring all zeitgeist and categories they create timeless, handwrought music, blending atmospheric Americana, lavish Chamber Pop and fierce Post-Punk into darkly radiant Folk Noir. Adorned with striking vocals, elegant arrangements evoke melancholy in Cinemascope and guide through musical landscapes of peers like Tindersticks, Calexico and Sparklehorse. After releasing their ZOZO EP as a duo, Downers & Milk has now grown into a fully flegded band navigating from delicate elegies to powerful sonic howls, with strong hooks always on display. With current singles „Borrowed Years“ and „Islands“, Downers & Milk released their first album on May 28th, 2021.