Agnes Gosling


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    Life on Mars
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    Cachoeira De Mim
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    Como é Que Eu Não Sei Te Amar?
A voice is rarely the first ‘instrument’ that comes to mind. But in the right hands, and through steady application, a voice becomes the ultimate expression through sound.
It not only breathes life into a song, it can create something familiar yet unusual and intimate.
This is Agnes Gosling’s approach to music and, as time passes, she continues to reveal different colours and textures in her vocals, reflecting key experiences and the emotions they trigger. Often poised and pristine, occasionally more fragile and unpolished, melody and harmony are how she speaks her truth. As in life, there is light but also shade. Gosling is really maturing as a writer and arranger, unafraid to show her vulnerability.
It’s been four years since the release of her Edison Award-nominated debut Cais, a refined collection inspired by the likes of Milton Nascimento and Elis Regina. Her second album is harmonically bolder, more mysterious and laced with tension. Caçador honours the tradition of great acoustic jazz while exploring new sounds and styles from the contemporary music world.
Songs you can relate to, first-class musicianship, a few unexpected moments… It’s all here. And at the heart of it is Agnes Gosling, She sings what many of us feel yet few can express. It’s jazz, but not as we know it.


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