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Following the 2017 release of the EP “Sleep It Off,” Savannah-based songwriter Dustin Price returns with his full-length debut Dichotomy. Written over a two-year span, the record reveals Price at his most vulnerable to date, navigating themes of reflection, self- discovery, and change. Big guitars and driving grooves lay the foundation for haunting melodies and to-the-bone lyricism. Joined by drummer Jalen Reyes (God Bless Relative, Reverend Bro Diddley and the Hips) and multi-instrumentalist Blake Tallent (God Bless Relative, Supermoon1999), who also helmed production on the project, Price and company recorded the album over a three-day span in Nashville. The result is loud, captivating, heart-on-sleeve rocknroll. Live, the band is best described as Oasis being on the edge of demise, playing a stageless, cash-only bar in South Georgia. Dichotomy will be independently released and available on all major digital streaming platforms on April 20, 2020.