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Little Galaxies is a band formed in Venice Beach, California by Jeanna Fournier and Amir Eshraghi. From glittering guitars to smooth tropical grooves, their sound draws influence from psych-rock, dream pop, and folk while experimenting with multi-dimensional textures to create a sonic dreamscape of their own. Joined by Andreas Sandnes on bass and Lucas Crouch on drums, their enigmatic live shows hypnotize audiences as they explore the outer limits through interstellar tones, off-the-wall theremin performances, and vocals drenched in echoes that soar through the cosmos. 
 Little Galaxies recently released their 2nd LP "One with the Waking Sea" on Coconut Spaceship Records. Songs from the album have been receiving love on SoCal radio stations KCRW, KCSN, and KXLU. The album was inspired by Fournier’s car accident, taking listeners on a sonic journey through her awakening and making peace with her fears after this life-altering event. The album was recorded and co-produced by Sejo Navajas at the historic 4th Street Recording Studio in Santa Monica (The Beach Boys, No Doubt, Incubus), mixed by Andreas Sandnes, and mastered at Capitol Studios by Grammy Award-Winning mastering engineer, Evren Göknar. Lookout for Little Galaxies back on the stage this Fall!