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Fog... darkness ...strobes ... underground...
Rue Oberkampf is pure ecstasy. “You have to see them live,” says – among others – rcn Magazin in 2019. 
 Founded at the end of 2016 by three DJ*s, the band combines 80s ecstasy with the atmosphere of fog- shrouded, strobe-lit dance temples of the techno era. Rue Oberkampf forges a bridge between cold wave, synthpunk, EBM and techno. Their live shows pull audiences into a maelstrom of sound, neon and storms of light. Rue Oberkampf released their debut EP Waveclash on No Emb Blanc / Genetic Records in 2018. Various live performances at Nocturnal Culture Night (NCN), Katzenclub (Munich), Bruits de la Cave (Hannover), WGT EBM Warm Up and Tanz im Quadrat (TIQ Berlin) followed. In October 2019 Christophe-Philippe the first long player, was released on Young and Cold Records with great fanfare within and beyond the scene. 2020, Negativraum is their newest “techno-fused coldwave” release on ant-zen records. 
 Rue Oberkampf is getting booked both for underground events (TIQ Berlin, Bloodbeats Vienna, Elektrowerkz London, etc.) and the huge indie festivals (WGT und NCN Leipzig, Monitor Leiria, etc.). In 2020, they were about to play gigs in St.Petersburg, Moscow, London, Vienna, Budapest, Portugal and Sweden - new gigs are already confirmed for 2021. . Pix by 1-2: KEYI Studio Berlin 3: Rue Oberkampf 4-6: Tamara Skudies