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Peak Twilight is a project started with the endeavor of a musical journey without words. Relaxing, chill or groovy vibes, everything can be found here with a touch of classical musical ideas. Growing up in a multi-cultural environment and learning 4 languages, music has always been something that I could count on to express myself in a unified way to everyone independent of countries, cultures, and languages. This is why I pursue music since the age of 5 as a hobby next to my studies. Peak Twilight originally started as a project to get into orchestral production a few years ago. However, as a long-time lofi-listener, I've decided to diverge paths for my main alias and am going for lofi-oriented projects instead. Thank you so much for listening to what I do, it means a lot ♥ :3 Let me take this opportunity to give a shoutout to some label friends! Lofi Girl's favoritesDreamhop Musicpurity label ~ full discographyEtymology Recordsfreshgoodiescolours in the darkambient lofi beats 😴 night lofi sleepLoFi Sleep 💤 [3am Quiet Instrumental Beats]Chill Moon MusicFuncc.🎏 Instrumental Beats // Lofi Hip Hop // Noh Life Music Group