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Blue Jean Serenade is a musical 5 piece of family and friends. “Serenade” originated, when two basketball teammates Jānis and Tomass, during the camp, decided to spend their leisure time by playing popular Latvian band covers. The first gig took place on December 16th, 2016 at "Teātra Bārs" in Riga. Since the band has crafted their live sound by playing many local venues as well as international festivals and music conferences. On March 9, 2020, they released their debut LP "Prieks, no kura neizaug. Laiks, kuru neaizmirst". "There is nothing more important in this world than our families, friends and the music we share. The best feeling in the world is when from the stage you can see people enjoying themselves, singing and dancing along with your songs. Togetherness is what gives us energy."- Blue Jean Serenade