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Nashville-based singer/songwriter Natalie Schlabs writes songs that explore the complicated emotions and perspective-shifting moments that make up our most intimate relationships. Her new EP, “DLTC B-Sides”, is a follow up to her sophomore album “Don’t Look Too Close”. The EP release is set for November 12, 2021. Her music often blends sublime vocal harmonies with lyrics about the secret desires and the often hidden difficulties of living life among loved ones. Like many other Nashville musicians, the West Texas native grew up singing in church, but unlike others the majority of her early musical experiences took place at home with family. Her three brothers were musicians— one a pianist, one a guitarist and drummer, and one guitarist and songwriter— her mom sang, and her grandfather, a guitarist and vocalist who performed classics, often invited the family to sing with him. “It was very normal for all of us to be together in a room, playing instruments and singing together. My love for music comes from my family, and my love for family is often the substance of my songwriting.” -Elise Anderson