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South Florida loop artist, Boxwood, takes the art of looping off the beaten path and into new territory interweaving guitar, vocals and percussion to hypnotic effect. Far from being gimmicky, the loop pedal is just the means to an end, the end being catchy and lush well-crafted songs, performed solo, with all the dynamics of a full band. Press: Boxwood, a solo artist who sounds like a cutting edge band, releases 2nd EP “One of South Florida’s greatest contemporary solo musicians still criminally treading water down at the end of the United States to not enough global recognition is Jose Ferrer, a.k.a. Boxwood” Miami New Times: Best Songwriter 2010 “…

it’s just more evidence of an incredibly creative and inventive songwriter and musician.” CBS Miami: Best Local Musicians “… On top of his contemplative lyrics, he is also an entertaining performer.” SFMO: Local Spotlight “… His prowess as a songwriter, when compounded with his innovative ability to channel emotion into sound makes him one of the preeminent talents producing music in South Florida today.” Broward New Times Review: Moon Garage EP “All of Boxwood’s songs build on hypnotic loops, but it never becomes tiresome. Ferrer’s baroque detailing allows certain parts of his songs to disappear and reemerge. At times it sounds like an alien jazz band caught up in a great groove.” Broward New Times: Concert Review “… He is the most inspiring case for music in this city, and that’s not an overstatement.”