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hey! my name is Casey Tufnell and my pronouns are they/them. A few of my favourite things are writing songs on the spot (with random words from the audience), being vulnerable and helping people. I've played all over Europe from Luxembourg, to Amsterdam, Berlin and London a bunch of times too. My first festival was Ely Folk Festival and later down the line I performed at Boomtown in 2017. I was recently in the top 5 for a Nicholas Daley x Fred Perry award and I've set up a night for LGBTQ+ creatives called Queer Off. In the 3rd UK Lockdown I wrote an EP a week for roughly 2 months (that's why I have so many songs on here). And a just a tiny bit more: I'm in training for live sound engineering, have dabbled in studio engineering and I also DJ and run a couple of other nights. contact me via instagram @caseytufnell or by emailing me ''. I'm very much open for any opportunities, let's chat!