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Hi, I’m Beth De Bacci. I love music. I’m maybe obsessed actually. I grew up in Bournemouth with my crazy mum who was a DJ, and spent a lot of my childhood dancing around our lounge, asking her to spin the same records over and over again. Lucky her! At the age of 7 I fell in love with piano, and by aged 12 I’d started writing my first (terrible) pop songs. This is where the dream began. At 16 I started playing every open mic under the sun; I played any gig I could get. Being from a small town opportunities were limited, but I tried my best. Let’s skip forward to 18 now, to the year I gave up. The dream was over. After being told for years that music wasn’t a ‘real career’ and lacking confidence, I went to uni and studied science. I made no music for 5 years and became a pharmaceutical sales rep (yes, just like Penny from the Big Bang Theory). Fast forward to 23 and I was miserable with my life decisions, gutted I hadn’t given myself a chance. So, I started to make music again. I started to dream again. Then, completely to my surprise, things started to happen. BBC Introducing, Mahogany, collaborations, headlining shows. For the first time ever, I felt like maybe this dream could become a reality. I’m still a teeny fish in a colossal ocean, but I've decided that’s far better than not being a fish at all. There's always room to grow and who knows? Maybe with your help I'll be a medium sized fish one day, and I'd be perfectly happy with that.