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Gabby Wilson’s music is not just sonic, but sensory. The Swedish singer-songwriter’s style is a canvas spattered with a thousand influences – it looks as striking as it sounds. She had a sweet tooth from the start for 90s pop, yet sought the finer feelings of soul and the confessional weight that grunge could bring to the table. Her sound is the product of a steady diet of Madonna, Marilyn Manson and Ben E. King. Her path as a musician felt almost inevitable. Since her piano teacher discerned her talent for writing her own music as a child, it has been the start of a life-long love affair. Ever since, Wilson has been on a conquest to strike the perfect chord that resonates with her own experiences. Having been scouted in her hometown, she took her talents to Sweden and honed her craft not only as a vocalist and songwriter, but also as an entrepreneur and producer. Starting out writing clean-cut pop anthems for artists around the world, Gabby Wilson is now shifting her focus, choosing to amplify her own experiences. Her debut EP is an introduction into her world. “I like to keep my circle small”, Wilson explains – all her collaborators are first and foremost her friends, from her producer to her graphic designer and photographer. It helps create a sense of intimacy that permeates through to her confessional lyrics.