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Queen Quail is the dream-pop project of Kirstin Edwards. QQ began after Kirstin came across a “Zwergwachtel”, or dwarf quail, at the botanical gardens in Berlin, Germany. The tiny bird’s quiet focus struck Kirstin – and seemed to reflect her own shy, though energetic, nature. The Wisconsin native has since used the pseudonym Queen Quail to foster her artistry and carefully unveil her inner world. Reverbant guitar riffs and chilling vocals fill the open spaces of her songs with a haunting beauty – one grown out of deep introspection, a desire to understand, and the search for inner truth. Kirstin grew up only a few hundred meters from Lake Michigan (unsurprisingly, one may find images of water throughout her music). A cellist by training, she now finds inspiration from the vibrance & intensity of Berlin, Germany, and the quieter calm of Milwaukee, Wisconsin - her two chosen homes since 2017.