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Lightbulb moments can strike at any time. Eclectic musician Kristen Mather de Andrade had reached a career milestone in being years into a prestigious position with the West Point Band when she had an epiphany. After a program of Brazilian music on a Facebook livestream, her performance was written up in the Brazilian Global News and she decided it was time to record her debut album, aptly-titled Clarão which translates from Portuguese to mean “flash of light.” The New York-based artist’s career has been defined by immersing herself in a broad array of musical worlds and cultures, from the classical canon to world music, and beyond. Clarão is a treat for Brazilian music aficionados and casual music fans who desire a sonic experience that whisks you away to a tropical escape. Kristen’s breezy vocals and her dexterous clarinet playing are a joy throughout Clarão. On “Côco tara ta ta,” a track written by the hidden gem of a composer Severino Araújo, sinewy Brazilian grooves mesh with big band horns. Kristen’s vocals shine on her breezy rendition of Northeast Brazilian singer-composer’s Roque Ferreira “Guelê Guelê.” The poeticism in the track’s arrangement mirror the vastness of the sea by having no hard and fast beginning or ending. On the instrumental, “Chorinho pra ele,” Kristen’s virtuosic ability is in full bloom. This fresh outlet of releasing her own recorded music has been transformative, one can definitely say her future path has been lit by Clarão.