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DJ Peace (aka Mark Peace Thomas) writes songs for dance music and pop of mixed genres. DJ Peace is proud to work with talented artists of all races, colors and creeds. His newest release is "Crazy Girls" which features Broadway star: Dana Meller, Vanessa Bryan, Paul Falcon and Mista Youngblood. His most popular track happens to be a love ballad sung by Filipina star: Marielle Montellano. Marielle was sixteen when she recorded an alternate version of "Always Be Mine" which can be found in Reggae format on the "Crazy Girls" release. Mark Peace Thomas is releasing his first hard rock oriented album in June of 2021 so for those of you who love guitars, check out his latest single "GMOs and ISIS" under the artist name "Mark Peace Thomas".

This Valentine's Day will mark the release of "Honey, You Look Good Tonight" (featuring Allie Farris)