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Founded in 1983 by producer/guitarist Tommy Martin, Bam Bam alumni include: Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden), Scotty Buttocks (Called In Sic), Nick Rhinehart (Jerry Cantrell), Mike Peterson (the Accused), Tom Hendrickson (Called In Sic, the Fuzz w' Ron Moody), Paul Hinklen (SadHappy), and the incomparable Tina Bell, one of the first African American women to front a hard rock/punk/grunge band in the U.S.

Producers Chris Hanzsek & Jack Endino refer to Bam Bam as "part of Seattle history" on the "D" Show April 2, 2015. With Kurt Cobain as roadie, The Melvins began their first tour opening for Bam Bam on May 5, 1984. Bam Bam performed at the first 2 Hempfests, the 1990 Pain In The Grass Festival, toured US, Europe, and/or played with Alice In Chains, Temple of the Dog, Gunns & Roses, Ywengie Malsteen, Bob Mould, Soundgarden, Faith No More, No Means No, The Fastbacks, The U-Men, Skin Yard, Napalm Beach, SadHappy, The Refuzers... In 2012 TJ Martin, son of Bam Bam's Tina Bell and Tommy Martin, won the Academy Award for Best Director of a Feature Length Documentary for his film Undefeated. Bam Bam endured for nearly ten years despite racism and misogyny, a "squatter" tour of Europe, busted in England, personnel changes, and passionate internal pressures. Plans for a Bam Bam reunion were quickly dashed with the heart wrenching death of singer Tina Bell on Oct 10, 2012. Rediscover one of Seattle's true grunge pioneers. Bam Bam. The band that should have been!