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Born in 1984, since I was a kid, I was a nerd and a music lover. I am a Synthwave producer who take a lot of his musical inspiration from 80’s movies, TV-Shows and Retro Video Games. I started playing with "Sonic Foundry Sound Forge" & "Acid" in the early 2000’s. Then, I discovered Propellerheads Reason, and I am still tied to this DAW. In 2005, I created the "Atomik Circus" Artist. I am mainly focused on 80s Synthwave / Retrowave and Outrun genres, but I have a big interest in old school 90s hip hop, too. Throughout the last two decades, I released seven albums and a number of singles, and I have a lot more new stuff coming out soon. When I am not in my Home Studio, I like to be somewhere in the sky, jumping from an airplane or fixed objects. I am keeping a clear and dedicated online presence. My main website is the hub of all my activities. You can find several types of royalty free stock music including electro, drum n bass, hip hop, lounge, downtempo, and scores. My artist projects are also broadly accessible in all digital music distribution systems, from iTunes to Amazon to Spotify and Youtube. My discography has been used on a few Synthwave channels like the “Prime Thanatos” and in many outrun playlists on Spotify, as well as movie productions. Cheers! /ac