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What is tenawai? A band, a collective, a fellowship, and a family. A group of free minded musical individuals. Made up of eight members from all walks of life, boasting at least 10 years of experience, each provides a different piece of the puzzle to become a whole picture. As a vessel for the outcasts and rebels, tenawai offers music for the people. 
 We have found more than just a band, we found family; a blended family fueled with the passion to create the greatest sounds the world has heard. 
 Everything is done in-house, making for a uniform and complete finished product.The members of this family come from all over, including Cleveland, where nothing is given, and now partially in Atlanta & Nashville. As you can imagine it’s hard to meet and get things flowing, but somehow it clicked. We found rhythm in love, lyrics in communication and BPMs in life helping us to be inclusive to every genre, every occasion, and every emotion without a miss. 
 Have you ever met someone and known they would be in your life forever? An indescribable connection that is just easy. It's natural and almost effortless. that is tenawai. 
 tenawai is home.