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A guitar player from the age of 11, Montreal-native Michel Pagliaro joined his first band, Les Stringmen, when he was age 15. After playing with Les Bluebirds and Les Merseys, he formed Les Chancelliers and had a hit with "Le P'tit Poppy" in 1966. Pagliaro left the band for a solo career that same year; in 1970, he began recording in English when he signed with Much Records. Though several English singles were released in the early '70s, his "Je'entends frapper" became the biggest-selling hit in Quebec history. Pagliaro recorded in both languages throughout the late '70s and '80s but, in the recent past, has only used French. His albums include Pag (1972), Pagliaro I (1976), Time Race (1977), Avant (1987) and Sous Peine D'Amour (1988). ~ John Bush, Rovi